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 Hi-Tech Cloth

Wonder Cloth

White ring marks from furniture Scuff marks from floors
Rust stains from tile  
Cleans & Polishes
Brass Copper
Chrome Ideal for Auto, Boat, Golf Clubs

Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth

Using the latest micro fiber technology, the Micro Cloth Lens Cleaner is designed to clean ultra sensitive surfaces efficiently without damaging the surfaces which ordinary cloth or tissue paper cannot achieve.
Excellent for use on sensitive surfaces, such as :-
Spectacles Cameras
LCDs Solar power panels
TV screens Laser disks

Chemlite Tooling Cloth

Cold-welded solder Lead
Tin Copper
Nickel Alloy42
Epoxy fouling from Die  Components
Cleans & Polishes
Tool steel Stainless steel
Tungsten carbide  

Metal Care Cloth

Powder fouling Surface Rust
Tarnish Discoloration
Black Rings  
Cleans & Polishes
Factory Blued Stainless
Chrome metal surfaces  

Lead-Clean Gun Cloth

Powder Copper
Plastic Fouling Rust
Stains Starch build-up
Scuff Burn Marks

Polypropylene Cloth

High resistance against corrosive chemicals.
Can be custom made to any design and size.
Suitable for use in Solder Plating bath.